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Fringe Benefit Tax
Fringe Benefit Tax Assistance in Williams Landing, Melbourne
Accountant Helpdesk is one the premium names offering Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) services in Williams Landing, Melbourne. The experts in our team who have specialised in FBT are amongst the best in the industry.
How does FBT work and how our contribution helps our clients?
The employers need to pay FBT for the benefits that they pay to their employees, or their associates, i.e. the membe(s) of their family in lieu of salary and wages. This is different from the income tax and is calculated on the annual taxable value of the fringe benefits that are provided to the employees. Our highly qualified experts will help in accurate calculation of the payable FBT. They also come up with invaluable advice in regards to FBT and the benefits that influence the payable FBT.

There is a wide array of benefits that can attract the payable FBT. Therefore, it is essential for the employers to know where they need to pay additional tax for the benefits that they provide their employees with, and where they are exempted. It is also highly important to consider if the FBT is an additional cost of employment or it is factored into the overall remuneration package rolled out to the employees.

This is where our experts help.

What our FBT Services in Williams Landing, Melbourne include?
Our tax specialists will assist our clients in issues regarding FBT and salary sacrificing issues that include:
  • Annual FBT lodgements
  • Review of the benefits that are provided to the employees and if FBT is applicable or not
  • Review of the proposed benefits or employment arrangements provided, for instance home allowance provided to the employees living away from their home.
  • Assistance with documentation for mitigation of FBT exposure for the businesses
  • Assistance with FBT reporting for any other payroll related issues, like work cover and payroll tax.
Hence, our FBT experts play a very crucial role in determining the FBT, which influences the payable tax in a pretty significant way.
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